Polyester Polyol
Chemical Industry Co.Ltd was founded in 1958 as the first company of producing Sulfuric acid and Oleum in private sector of Iran . After acquiring legal permissions in 1964 the Chemical Industries co. was able to produce Sulfuric acid and Oleum with capacity of 30 ton in a day . Since then and after a half of century experience and efforts, the company could become a well-known company of producing chemical products. With a good facilities and experiences of producing chemical products for more than 50 years ,nowadays  it is the main company providing raw materials for more than 30 food companies, medical companies or hygiene companies like Fouman Chimie, Salar Chemi, Behshahr Industries and etc. The Chemical Industries co. is located on 2 hectares area and 16 kilometers away from Karaj special road . The company’s right location is a potential for easy access of the other companies of Tehran, Karaj, Saveh and Qazvin. The equipment of this company has been bought and installed from the Chemi Baue Dr Zieren Company of Germany and also because of the equipped quality control lab and qualified people of this company , the products have a premium quality. In the recent years because of good reputation of Chemical Industries, the company have had a lot of demands for other chemical materials from its customers , so the company started to establish foreign commercial department and importing of various chemical materials , so you can see the list of these products in the next pages.